Web of Betrayal, a cyber thriller novel

There’s No Hiding in Cyberspace

“There’s no hiding in cyberspace,” Peter said. His voice was firm, his face determined. He had to make her understand.

“These people we’re dealing with, they’re building the Internet. They control the data and the access and they know how to use it as a weapon.”

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Peter Ellis, cast of Web of Betrayal, a cyber thriller novel



“Price’s ability to combine journalistic experience with imaginative flare has resulted in a largely well-paced and multi-layered story that contains some moments of true suspense.”  IndieReader

The year is 1994, the dawn of the Internet Age, when companies from Silicon Valley to London are fighting to claim the billions to be made on the new information highway. Attending the Consumer Electronics Show, Peter Ellis, an aggressive investigative reporter fighting to reclaim his damaged reputation after being framed for rigging a story, learns that a programmer skilled in cryptography, cracking encrypted computer code, has mysteriously disappeared.


David Lockwood, cast of Web of Betrayal, a cyber thriller novel

Peter’s quest to find the missing programmer unwittingly pits him against a brilliant hacker and vengeful assassin with an agenda of his own. He’s taking revenge against the man who ruined his life: computer industry luminary David Lockwood who is now poised to introduce a product that will change the Internet forever.


Toby Eastman, cast of Web of Betrayal, a cyber thriller novel


As Peter is drawn into the vengeful assassin’s deadly game of betrayal and murder, he is faced with losing everything he holds dear: his career, his one true love, and even his own life. Can he find the programmer’s encoded disk, which holds the key to the killer’s identity, before his luck runs out?

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“Little is left un-touched in this thriller for the supremacy and out-right control of the new World Wide Web. Set in 1994, the stealth struggle by a combative visionary plays into the lives of the best and brightest in the valley, resulting in an exciting, fast-flowing yet totally captivating read.”

Robert Medearis, Founder and First Chairman of Silicon Valley Bank

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