Web of Betrayal: The Cast

Peter Ellis, cast of Web of Betrayal, a cyber thriller set in 1994

Peter Ellis

Peter Ellis, an aggressive investigative reporter for the Valley Tribune is chasing the story of his life. Fighting to reclaim his reputation, damaged when he was falsely accused of rigging a story, he must uncover the secrets hidden in an encrypted computer disk before time runs out. Little does Peter know his quest will pit him against a brilliant hacker and vengeful assassin who is after bloody revenge on the computer industry luminary who ruined his life.

Peter has more than just his reputation to protect. After years of fruitless love affairs and one night stands, Peter has finally met his one true love. It’s a love that becomes increasingly dangerous for them both as the killer puts his deadly plans in motion.

Born Peter Andrew Ellis III, the scion son of the head of a global legal conglomerate, Peter is also locked in mortal combat with his older sister Margaret, Chief Counsel of the firm’s New York office, for control of the family dynasty and its billion dollar inheritance.


Toby Eastman, cast of Web of Betrayal, a cyber thriller set in 1994

Toby Eastman

Toby Eastman, hacker, hunter, killer is back for revenge—and this time nothing will stop him. His target is David Lockwood, the computer visionary who helped launch the PC revolution, but whose last product was a total failure.

Toby blames Lockwood for his descent into hell as a pilot and drug runner for the vicious Valdez Cartel. Locked in permanent servitude to the cartel, Toby watches as his closest friend is brutally murdered. Afraid for his own life, Toby hatches a fail-proof escape plan that will free him from the cartel and, at the same time, destroy his bitter enemy, David Lockwood.

Armed with a dark and scary secret he is desperate to protect, Toby sends an encrypted computer disk to his friend and mentor, Henry Rhodes.

Then, Toby learns Lockwood is about to reclaim his place on the national technology stage with a brilliant new product that will change the direction of the commercial internet forever. Toby is determined to take his revenge by destroying Lockwood’s new product before it can see the light of day.

David Lockwood, cast of Web of Betrayal, a cyber thriller set in 1994

David Lockwood

In an industry that prides itself on the youth and quantity of its demigods, David Lockwood tops the list. Lockwood is one of a handful of visionaries who helped shape the industry before IBM and Microsoft changed the rules. But his second product, code named Falcon, was a total failure. Despite the millions Lockwood and his investors had poured into developing the product in 1988, Lockwood’s Falcon Project never made it past the early test stage. That started the whispers in the engineering community that Lockwood had lost his touch. He had always been obsessively private. The very public failure of Falcon drove him into total isolation.

Now, it’s 1994 and Lockwood is back on stage as the keynote speaker for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is ready to announce the most ambitious and extraordinary technological breakthrough of the time. A product Lockwood claims will: “Shift the Universe and make the impossible, possible.”

Will Lockwood bring his revolutionary product to market or will Toby’s relentless pursuit and blood-thirsty revenge stop him first?

Margaret Ellis, cast of Web of Betrayal, a cyber thriller set in 1994

Margaret Ellis

Brilliant corporate attorney Margaret Ellis is trapped in a financial conspiracy of her own making. Greedy and power-hungry, Margaret holds a life-long grudge against Peter for his position as the sole male heir to the family fortune.

As head of the New York practice of the global corporate litigation firm of Ellis, Blackwell and Barnes, the family law dynasty started by Peter’s great-great grandfather, Margaret has all the weapons she needs to create chaos for her brother and his one true love.

Although Peter’s career choice of journalism over law has put him at odds with their powerful father, Margaret is determine to undermine Peter’s every move and destroy his life and livelihood—if she can.

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