Web of Betrayal: The Scenes

The Bar at the Las Vegas Hilton, scenes from Web of Betrayal a cyber thriller novel

The Bar at the Las Vegas Hilton

For Peter Ellis, the action begins at the bar at the Las Vegas Hilton where he is covering his first trade show following the scandal that almost ruined his career. It’s at the Hilton’s bar that we are introduced to Peter’s college friend and long-time source Charlie Sheffield and where Peter gets reacquainted with his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Brennan.

Draco Communications, scenes from Web of Betrayal a cyber thriller novel

Draco Communications

Peter visits the booth at Draco Communications during the trade show and has a nasty encounter with Draco’s VP of Marketing, Alex Kavanagh. Draco is David Lockwood’s chief rival in the race to build a great new product that will win the commercial Internet wars and dominate the new information highway. This is a depiction of Draco’s corporate logo, based on the Draco constellation.

The British Bankers Club, scenes from Web of Betrayal a cyber thriller novel

The British Bankers Club

The British Bankers Club (now closed) was a popular Menlo Park hot spot in the 1990s, attracting both the employees of the burgeoning dot com startups and Stanford University students. The site has a long history having been both a jail and library before becoming a popular restaurant. In Web of Betrayal, Peter has the first date with the love of his life at the BBC.

The Alpine Inn (Zot's), scenes from Web of Betrayal a cyber thriller novel

The Alpine Inn (Zot’s)

The Alpine Inn (called Zot’s by the locals) is a historic site nestled in the hills of Portola Valley, California. It is, as described in the book, “as by no one’s measure an inn and even the term restaurant was a stretch. It was a good, old-fashioned counter service hamburger joint and bar with a rough-hewn character that had become increasingly endearing as the surrounding towns of Woodside and Portola Valley grew in affluence and pretension.”

In Web of Betrayal, the Alpine Inn is where Peter first learns about the development problems with David Lockwood’s new Internet product.

Zot’s had an important role to play in the birth of the Internet. On August 27, 1976 researchers from SRI International in Menlo Park chose Zot’s for a special ceremony: the first transmission of what would become the Internet. Read about Zot’s historical role in the birth of the Internet here.

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